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Eric Johnstone is currently 27 years old.

He grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

He has one older sister, Mary, who is 29. His sister Dawn would have been one year younger then him, but she passed away when Eric was 20. He doesn't like to talk about it.

When he was 21, he moved to New York City and lived with his sister Mary, who was trying to break into the theatre. She is still trying to be that. Eric needed to get away from St. Paul for several reasons, which is why he moved in with his sister. He attended school and got a degree for social work.

His parents are still married and still live in St. Paul. He's not particularly close to either of them but they have a decent enough relationship.

When Eric was a teenager, he looked and acted much different then now. He was thin and kind of geeky. His best friend, Joe, was thin and kind of geeky too. And they were bullied quite a bit by the jocks of the school. So badly, in fact, that there was an accident where Joe was pushed by one of them and fell down a flight of stairs, and died in the hospital from his injuries. Ever since then, Eric has been obsessed with being able to defend himself, and that includes having physical strength. This is another incident that he does not like to talk about.

Eric took up boxing after that incident, but it has long since past the stage of only wanting to fight - it's all sport to him now. He likes to fight, but he wants it to be in a controlled setting, with rules and regulations.

Despite his size and physical strength, Eric is a kind, gentle person who would never unintentionally hurt anyone. Well, outside of the ring, anyway.

Two years ago, an ability manifested in Eric. He has what he calls 'limited telekinesis'. It only works on inanimate objects - he can't move or physically control humans or any other living creatures. His ability scared him at first and he wasn't sure what it was, but now that he knows more about it and other people with powers too, he's more comfortable with it.

Eric has had several practicums, part-time jobs, and full time jobs in different social services areas, including working with senior citizens and being a support worker for the developmentally disabled. He is a caring individual who wants only to support those people who need it. He has infinite patience and respects all individuals for who they are.

He currently works at Saj Wayside house in New York City, a shelter for runaway mutant and abilitied teens. The shelter was founded by John Allerdyce (john_movinon) and Jean-Paul Beaubier (speed_of_snark) and is amused and impressed by both of them, for different reasons. He likes his bosses, and likes his job a lot. It's different then what he is used to, but he likes being around other people like him. It makes him feel more comfortable with his ability, like it's okay to have one.

ooc notes: Eric is an OC from the Heroes fandom, though he is crossed over with the Marvel/X-Men fandom as well. I know there are big differences between the two, but I'm going to handwave/smush them together to make this work. Any questions or comments, please feel free to ask!



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