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makeyourlist 58.1 - Pet Peeves

Make a list of pet peeves:

- being called gay because I like boybands / music derived from guys formally in boybands. Grow up.
- the word 'retard' or referring to something/someone as 'retarded.' Again: Grow up.
- excessive swearing for no reason
- dirty bathrooms
- other people's feet touching me
- biting nails
- leaving the last inch of chocolate milk in your glass.
- and then leaving those glasses sitting around the apartment. (I'm looking at you, sister.)
- the sentence, "I love you, but..."
- bosses trying to get me to argue with them. (Kidding, Jean-Paul.)
- giving me zero days notice when asking to switch shifts. Unless it's an emergency. (Don't mind doing it, but give me time if you can. For a VALID reason... not that you want to go out with that girl that asked you on a date. Oh, yes, co-worker, I'm looking at you.)
- assuming I'm a violent person just because I like to box. (I mean, outside of the ring.)
- people asking me to flex my muscles.
- people referring to their biceps as 'guns'.

Eric Johnstone
Heroes (OC) / X-Men crossover

on_thecouch 33.3 - How was your day?

My days don't run the same as everyone else's. I generally work overnight shifts at SAJ Wayside House - a shelter/drop in facility for runaways. We specialize in mutant kids, but I'm not going to turn away some kid who needs the help. Who needs the bed. Who needs the food. We're here to help.

So I work all through the night... can't say 'while the rest of the city is sleeping' because NYC never sleeps, but you know what I mean. It's supposed to be the quiet time of the day, and sometimes around here, it is. Low counts on people staying, or people crashing hard and sleeping. More then half my shift, I could see or talk to none of our drop ins. Or those with insomnia who don't trust sleep, we'll hang out and watch television or whatever in a quieter, respectful manner for those trying to catch some shut eye.

It doesn't always go so quietly, or so smoothly. Especially once the sun rises, and everyone is up and getting ready for their day.

This morning? Early morning? Was one of those days.

I can't go into details, I really can't. Confidentiality, and I will protect the privacy of those street teens like you wouldn't believe. But I can say this: It was tough, and a bit stressful, and by the time the next staff come on shift to relieve me, I could barely get myself out of there fast enough. Horrible to say, maybe, but I needed a break. It wears you down.

Don't get me wrong. I love my job. But it's not always the easiest one and I'm not going to pretend it is.

And so I went home and crashed for the rest of the day. And then I woke up, watched some television while I ran on the treadmill, showered, ate, and now I'm about to go back to work for the night.

Is it the same day? A new one because I slept and woke up, even though it's all the same date?

Whatever it is, here's hoping it goes more smoothly tonight. Today. You know.

makeyourlist 56.1

Make a list of New Year's resolutions

- read more books
- learn better control of my power
- do well at work (which I'm already doing, but do really well at work, I guess.)
- come up with a good fundraiser idea for SAJ House
- finally move out of my sister's place as long as it doesn't break her heart
- sleep around less, seriously date more
- call my parents and sister more often
- maybe even go and visit them

Eric Johnstone
Heroes (OC) / X-Men Crossover

on_thecouch 28.3 - Consequence.

"Hey! Come on. Open up." Eric pounded on the boys' bathroom door at Saj Wayside house. It was a common bathroom, with stalls and a row of urinals, so there was absolutely no need for the main door to be locked and closed. It shouldn't be, ever.

He had seen that kid - whom all called Rock but of course that wasn't his real name; no one knew it, not even the other street kids, Eric figured - go in there a couple minutes later. With a sketchy look on his face. Really, there weren't too many reasons to have a sketchy look on your face when going to the bathroom. And it wasn't as if Eric was hovering over them and Rock probably didn't even think that Eric knew he'd gone into the bathroom like that.

But it was Eric's job to make sure things were going okay, at least under this roof, especially while on shift.

"Open up, or I'll open it up for you, and that won't be pretty," Eric yelled, pounding on it some more.

The door opened a moment later, and the smell of that sweet maryjane wafted out along with the sound of a toilet flushing.

Oh, crap.

Eric looked around, and saw there were three of them in there. They ranged in age, the youngest maybe thirteen. Too young to be on the streets and in this bathroom with that smell. Rock said he was seventeen but Eric thought he could be older by a couple years. And then there was Billy, whom Eric thought he had a good rapport with, and had only returned to the House that night for the first time in a few weeks. They all looked at him, trying to be nonchalant - or maybe they were just out of it. Because by the looks of their red rimmed eyes, it was likely that.


They shrugged past him, Billy at least looking at the floor sheepishly and unable to meet Eric's eyes. Rock looked smug and as if he was getting away with something. They headed to the direction of the common room, with the televisions and computers, and where most the other people were.

I said out.Collapse )

makeyourlist 50.4 - Intro post

- The name's Eric Johnstone
- I'm 27 years old.
- Single, baby.
- Live in New York City, with my big sis. (I know, I know.)
- I work in social services.
- Right now, I'm a full time staff at the Saj Wayside House (a shelter/drop-in center for runaway mutant/abilities teens, though others are totally welcome.)
- My bosses, John Allerdyce and Jean-Paul Beaubier, are a riot. And great to work for.
- I like working out and lifting weights, and staying fit and healthy.
- Love me some boxing.

[locked to those who know about this sort of thing/know me personally.]

- I have an ability. Nowadays, who doesn't?
- It's a limited form of telekinesis. It's cool. Unexpected, but cool.


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